Art Installation:
Experimenting the possibilities of expressions in lettering.

In Praise of Shadows


The graphic installation “In Praise of Shadows” is an independent project that embodies the possibility of experimental expression in typography and the Japanese minimalist aesthetic, and is a work of art that sublimates one of them in the form of an installation.

While starting from two-dimensional expression, I have expanded the final means of expression to include space and products, and I have tried to express the accidentality of two-dimensional expression by always remaining neutral to the means.

These posters are made by cutting out delicate Japanese paper, and the proportions of the letters stand out only by the penetration of light on the back of the posters.

The faintness of the space obscures the ephemeral boundaries of the characters and brings to the surface the story of the characters that more attractively dissolves.

It is also an installation that can be experienced with all five senses through music and scents that embody the concept.

In Praise of Shadows INSTALLATION


Artist: Sei Yamazaki/ Designer: Seita Kobayashi/ Photographer: Akihiro Kawauchi/ Music: Takahisa Mitsumori ( mergrim )/ Incense: Kogado/