Logo design encapsulating a future transformed by multiplication



Based on the concept of “the joy of movement for all,” I was involved in the art direction and design of the VI design for Xiborg, a project in which an athlete and a researcher work together as a team to create a biomechanics-conscious prosthetic leg for competition, and XiborgLab, the base of the project.

Xiborg” is designed with a VI emphasizing the letter “X” to symbolize the crossover of technology and physicality, as well as the desire to transcend the boundaries of the able-bodied and disabled to reach the highest point of humanity. In addition, the gradation process from left to right on the logo shows the future change around “Xiborg” as a before and after image.

The logo for XiborgLab, the base of Xiborg’s activities, which opened in Shin Toyosu in December 2016, gives the word “LAB” a pop, pictogram-like impression in order to make the space more accessible to a wider audience.



Art Director + Designer: Seitaro Yamazaki/