Releasing the characters away from the surface

Typography Monday


In 2016, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, will be the stage for a large-scale festival to discover and transmit the appeal of crafts. For the exhibition at the Kanazawa 21st Century Kogei Festival, which was held from October 13 to February 26, 2017. I created a large piece of work.

The title is “Typography Monday – Typography Monday”.
I crossed the hard concrete with colorful Kaga Mizuhiki to free myself from the flatness of the text. This is a work of art that aims to.


It is clothed with human thoughts and meaning.
These transparent concepts floating in the air
With the help of ink and type.
It’s settled as letters on a plane.

Clothed in meaning and symbols.
To the characters that are trying to settle.
Giving them the material to contain time.
Freeing us from the plane again.

Then the letters are reversed.
The interior margins begin to beat and emerge.

It has regained its primitive air.
Freedom from the letter as a symbol.
While holding only that form to the boundaries of the world.
It’s about to melt back into the void.
A New Story of Characters

Clean air and light filled
One Monday.

The beginning of a week of typography

Typography Monday ART WORK


Artist: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Designer: Satoshi Miyakawa/ Support: 津田水引折型 / Support: 郡家コンクリート工業/