Creating a multi-purpose complex to be a symbol of Komatsu city.



We were in charge of the interior and exterior design of TRANSIT, a complex facility in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

This facility has been loved by the community as a toy store for many years, and its unique circular arch facade has a strong impression. This is a symbol of the will to carry on the feelings of the owner, who has used this toy store since he was a child, in this renovation.

In this renovation, the owner also used this toy store from his childhood as a symbol of his intention to carry on the spirit of this toy store. The design of the façade was designed to retain the impression of a circular façade while incorporating current design elements. It is a symbolic complex of Komatsu City.

It is designed to be a symbolic complex of Komatsu City. Flexible and versatile enough to be used in an office or design office, where various people can easily gather It is a very unique facility.

The store will be a combination of various uses and elements, and the materials and coloring will depend on the use. Zoning is done without using partitions by using different types of rooms. In addition, we adopted a lighting plan that extends to the back of the building to emphasize the deep shape of the building.




Designer: Satoshi Miyakawa/ Sign plan: BK works(Hiroki Kuroda)/ Lighting plan: Fujiwara ,inc./