Branding project :
Transformation of a world class think tank.

The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research


In 2018, as the Tokyo Foundation celebrates its 20th anniversary, it has undergone a developmental reorganization as a new research institute with a core focus on high-quality policy research based on theory and data, with the aim of becoming a world-class think tank, and has changed its name to the The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research.

At this important milestone, Seitaro Design was involved in the planning, message design, design and production of the VI renewal, various VI tools and forms, signage, brochures, teaser site and this site in order to build a clear brand image for the new institute and to develop strategic communication measures both domestically and internationally.

For the renewal of the VI, we carefully examined five keywords for the emotional value to be appealed for in the VI in order to visualize the following four characteristics of the new institute as a brand image.

Features of the new laboratory].

1) Independent think tank with global reach (Independence)

2) High quality policy research (quality)

3) Impact on Japan’s and the nation’s policies

4) Contribute to the realization of a better society (Change)

The Tokyo Foundation Policy Research Institute is a policy think tank that thinks about the future of the world.

Emotional value that the new institute should appeal to

Liberal, intellectual, trustworthy, prestigious, progressive

In order to evoke the five emotional values mentioned above, the symbol mark is a two-layered structure on the same grid line, and based on the fact that the new research institute is a think tank (brain group), the grid lines were used to create the image of a brain circuit that spreads out in a radial pattern.

In addition, “PDL,” the abbreviation for the Policy Data Lab, which is one of the main strengths of the new institute, is represented on the lower level to show that the Policy Data Lab is able to publish higher-quality policy research and that the new institute is expanding around the Policy Data Lab (PL).

The white letters in the top row are the initials of the Tokyo think tank “Think Tank Tokyo” visualized in dynamic lines, and the colors are composed of traditional Japanese colors that express Japan, Tokyo, and academic class, clarifying the identity of the new institute.


The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research CORPORATE BRANDING


Creative Director + Art Director: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Producer: Asuka Kobayashi/ Copy Writer: Tsuyoshi Harada/ Designer: Seita Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Aketa/