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Solare Hotels and Resorts operates several hotel brands with different characteristics across the country, including the Loisir Hotel and the Chisan Hotel. Since June 2015, we have been assisting Solare Hotels & Resorts in the planning and concept development of the new hotel, the interior and design of the hotel, the planning and development of services including food and beverage menus, and the planning, art direction and design of products such as logos, uniforms, amenities, websites and advertisements.

The development theme for THE SQUARE HOTEL, which opened in 2018, is “City stay , Deep experience”. We thought about what we needed to do to give our guests a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in their travels, and we incorporated this into our space design and service design.

The “the square hotel” brand, which has two stores in Ginza and Kanazawa, shares the same hotel brand design and other similarities, but incorporates materials suited to each location to draw the atmosphere of the city into the hotel, making it a hotel that keeps the tension of the trip uninterrupted for 24 hours a day. The hotel has a sophisticated space as an urban hotel, but you can also feel the local atmosphere in the hotel. In order to realize this theme, the space at the square hotel was designed by combining four materials common to the brands – wood, tile, cast metal and concrete – with a single materia that symbolizes each location, such as brick in Ginza or gold leaf in Kanazawa.

The first floor of the 200-room hotel was designed as a single large space with no partitions, and the upper hanging wall was connected by a curve to create a sense of spatial unity.

In addition, the interior materials and fixtures were designed with users in mind, so that the two spatialities of the hotel and the café, as well as the conduits for each user and the functions that accompany them, are organically intermingled. The open tables, sofas and square-shaped fixtures allow for a variety of uses of space, including semi-closed spaces that are open but closed, and the wooded spaces are planned with Kanazawa art and unique colors and materials to blend in with the city, but not forgetting to be part of the journey.

[the square hotel brand site]https://www.the-squarehotel.com/

the square hotel kanazawa | Solare Hotels and Resorts INTTEROR DESIGN


Creative Director + Art Director: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Producer: Asuka Kobayashi/ Copy Writer: Tsuyoshi Harada/ Designer: Seita Kobayashi/ Interior Design: Satoshi Miyakawa/