Renovation Project: Transforming Kanazawa’s 70+ year bookstore
into a new generation of storytelling space.

serif-s / seitaro design KANAZAWA, inc.


“serif s” is an antique bookstore and gallery opened by Seitaro Design in Obari-cho, Kanazawa City, based on the concept of “a landscape with typography created by books and galleries”.

In order to create a new story from this location, the shop has three typography-related functions: a used bookstore that sells about 100 typography-related books, a gallery that holds exhibitions of typography-related works, and a letterpress studio that holds workshops and sets up a letterpress printing period.

The ceiling is made of wood wool cement, the floor is made of sumi mortar, and the backboard of the gallery box is made of Mino dyed Japanese paper, while making use of the fittings and misenoma of Nanyo Dodo Bookstore, which had a unique atmosphere.

In order to express the timeless copper-like texture of the façade, the aging paint was adjusted many times to express a world view that is familiar to the city of Kanazawa but has a quiet will.

serif-s / seitaro design KANAZAWA, inc. INTTEROR DESIGN


Art Director + Designer: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Producer: Asuka Kobayashi/ Designer: Satoshi Miyakawa/ Construction: seitari design kanazawa, inc./