A visual campaign that portrays the reality of high school students
and children in the disaster-stricken area of 3-11 earthquake.

save the children japan


A private international aid organization (NGO) for children, officially recognized by the United Nations Save the Children Japan is a place where all children can live, be nurtured, protected and In Japan and 14 other countries and regions around the world, we are working to realize the “right of the child” to participate In Japan, the company has opened five offices based in Tokyo, and is engaged in activities to support children in Japan and abroad. We have a staff of 100 people working on this project.

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, we began providing emergency assistance to Iwate We have been supporting the recovery of the three prefectures of Miyagi and Fukushima by listening to children’s voices. We have provided support to approximately 1.68 million people through a wide range of activities.

In 2014, three years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, there were concerns that the disaster might fade away. In 2014, three years after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, there were fears that the disaster would fade away, but the children who have been working to build their communities for reconstruction since immediately after the earthquake and tsunami have been able to make a difference. In order to reach more people with their voice and appearance, we have planned and implemented station and in-car advertisements. We helped with art direction and design production.

In order to inform more people about the children’s efforts to build their communities for recovery, we Children who are members of the Yamada Children’s Community Building Club are photographed at Yamada Fishing Port in a light snowstorm. The design of the poster is simple and powerful, with a focus on the “good old days.

In addition, the essays in the poster were written by members of the Rikuzentakata Children’s Community Building Club, who graduated from high school this year. It’s a heartfelt account of two and a half years of ourselves and our children’s activities and the thoughts we put into it. This is the content of the project.

As part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s reconstruction assistance program, we are going to offer free community promotion posters on the Tokyo subway system All of the subway cars will be fitted with inside posters, and all ten major stations (Shimbashi, Higashi-Ginza, and Nihonbashi) will be covered with a poster. (Hibiya, Hibiya, Sugamo, Kudanshita, Ichigaya, Shiodome, Roppongi, and Shinjuku), the stations are plastered on platforms and concourses. It was developed as a poster.

save the children japan POSTER DESIGN


Creative Director + Art Director + Designer: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Copy Writer: Tomonori Watanabe ( Save the Children JAPAN )/ Photographer: Tetsushi Ogawa ( BISWA )/