Top level designs for a stylish dental CT
that do not fit the traditional mold

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Plexion Corporation, which develops and sells medical imaging systems. In the field of dental cone beam CT, we have been promoting our high quality products mainly in the U.S., and have gained a great deal of trust in the field of dental diagnostic medical equipment by conducting research and development in the field of imaging medical diagnostics, which was inherited from our U.S. subsidiary TeraRecon.
When the company was developing the next generation machine, they asked us to design the product with the desire to create a top-tier dental CT that does not fit into the framework of the existing dental CT.

In promoting the product design, we worked with the company’s development team on a “design-first development” approach, with the premise that we would make adjustments to the mechanism and internal workings afterwards, aiming for a design-first, human-centered development that was unprecedented in the industry.


[Design concept]

Freeing all patients from the obstructive and oppressive feeling of CT.
A minimalist look and unparalleled convenience for all hospitals.


[Design Philosophy]

Pre-treatment ostentatious dental CT.
One ritual before heading to treatment with anxiety in mind.

How much of that patient’s anxiety can be removed?
Properly identify what is necessary and what is not, and carefully work it into the design.

Reducing the psychological load on patients, pushing the limits of spatial efficiency, and
We aim to create a product that coexists the convenience of the doctor and the comfort of the patient.

New development is always categorized as either function-based, market-based, or human-based.
Clearly, the development of the CT industry to date has been function-based.
A design that roughly pushes the specs and asserts the features to the fore.

From function to man. Pull back that starting point.

What is the patient’s anxiety about? How do you feel when you do? What kind of psychological barriers are there?
What is wrong with a person’s instincts? How does the doctor move at that time?

Rather than overly solving the problem
To simply snuggle up to it as if it were a given.

With design thinking as the main focus, we have
This is a breakthrough for the current dental CT industry, which has been designed from the perspective of function.

Something that will change the concept of the future dental CT.
To develop a CT that will become a benchmark for future CT developers around the world.


Based on the above concept and philosophy, we worked with the company’s development team for about a year to design this product.

The design concept is “to free all patients from the obstructive and oppressive feeling of CT. A minimalist look and overwhelming convenience for all hospitals. In order to achieve this goal, we aimed to free the dental CT from the wall in the space of the dental clinic and to secure a degree of freedom in the installation location.

The basic posture is designed to be based on standing, with the patient’s approach assumed both from the front and from the side. At the same time, we pursue universal design with minimal physical and psychological load, and design for universal areas, including wheelchairs, buffalo humps, and the elderly. The cultural and systematic differences between national and international users are taken into account, and a certain percentile value is exceeded in each.

By redesigning the dental CT as a part of the space interior, we were able to reduce the sense of oppression in the dental clinic, and at the same time, by avoiding the oppressive impression of the case as much as possible, we were able to transform the CT that had originally given patients an oppressive impression into the lightest impression possible.

The volume, color, and impression value were finely adjusted based on this premise, and the treatment of the small portions was lightened as much as possible to create a clear contrast between the silver surface on the outside and the black volume on the inside, and this was achieved by a loose R treatment applied throughout.

The name “Explorer” means “explorer, explorer” and this new dental CT was born.

The drug has also completed its regulatory filing in Europe and the United States, and will be unveiled at the IDS Cologne International Dental Show 2019 in Cologne, Germany, in March 2019, with a launch in the summer of 2019.

3D Explorer | PreXion PRODUCT DESIGN


Creative Director + Art Director: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Designer: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Director: Asuka Kobayashi/ Modeling + Design: Yuki Ishiguro ( THE FUJA )/