Art Installation:
Storytelling the life of an industrialized pearl.

Nameless Portrait


The installation “Nameless Portrait” is a work of art created for the event “Sea of Koto, Sea of Pearls – Connecting Omura Bay, East and West and Bringing Back Memories Sleeping in the Sea” that took place around Omura Bay in Nagasaki Prefecture from Friday, November 1 to Sunday, November 10, 2019.

“This installation was created by visiting Omura Bay and interacting with people involved in the pearl farming industry, with the aim of conveying the true beauty of pearls produced in Omura Bay, also known as the Sea of Koto. Through the beauty and mystery of pearls, each one with a different personality, before they were homogenized as industrial products, the work asks the question, “What is the true beauty?

[Concept of the work]

Pearl farming industry in Omura Bay, Nagasaki. The pearl is said to have been loved by Himiko, and is now loved all over the world.
In the distribution process, pearls are bleached and polished as spheres in order to provide stable and valuable products, and their status is measured by their size, and they have been distributed as a unified industrial product.
However, the process of creating pearls is not mass-produced from uniform molds like industrial products, but rather from individual crystals of life created by the mother shell of the Akoya mussel, which is the opposite of uniformity.
That’s why I wanted to spin a story of the individual that lies quietly in the midst of this industrialized industry.

The title of the film is “Portrait Without a Name.
Each pearl has a distinct personality.
However, that individuality is never given a name; it is simply distributed as something without individuality.
If only it was not industrial uniformity that became the medium for the pearls’ journey into the world, but vital individuality.
This is an installation that attempts to create a space in which time, which has not been used in history, is created.
The air, the air, the atmosphere, the life, and the sound are all in this space, which was imagined in my mother’s womb. Everything sits within its own set of independent values.
The thread that holds its own weight is like the time axis of each pearl’s life.
Each grain of life is intertwined with the wind that blows in the space in which it is placed.



Artist: Sei Yamazaki/