Creating inspirational posters
that embody corporate philosophy.



M.Stage Inc. is engaged in human resources services for doctors, management support services for medical institutions, and media for doctors.
I was in charge of the art direction and design of the artwork to decorate the workspace and conference room for the renewal of the company’s headquarters office.

We created a series of three pieces inspired by the company’s aims and mindset, which were designed to provide inspiration for employees and visitors alike.



01 "Cubism", a work for a conference room
This artwork is based on the "M" motif from the three businesses of M.STAGE, each of which was disassembled and abstracted based on the idea of cubism.
As a major trend in contemporary art founded by Pablo Picasso and others, Cubism had a profound impact on the art field and led the art world into the future.
I abstractly expressed the corporate stance of M.STAGE, which is making great strides to create the future of medical care by converting such trends into medical care.
I also quoted the words of Picasso, the founder of Cubism, to tie in with the respective M's, and combined them as part of the form to further emphasize the relationship between the words and the form.

02 The work for the conference room "pi
Based on the theme of "Tsunagu", I created a series of three series of works using typography in which a series of circumferences are replaced by the alphabet.
The circumference is said to include all the numbers that exist in this world. Therefore, it can be said that a numerical enumeration of human beings exists in the circumference rate and includes all human beings.
Since the number of digits in the ratio of circumference continues to increase, I thought it would be a good way to express M.STAGE's stance of "connecting to the future" and "building the future," so I replaced the numbers with the alphabet to give them an organic, human-like impression.

03 Workspace work "Time
Based on the company's business theme of "Everything we do is for the creation of a sustainable medical future," we have created a series of three series on the theme of "time" leading to the future.
One day = 86,400 seconds. By changing the perspective of the time axis and reconstructing the transformed strings as a grid, I am attempting to use an organic grid of strings as a subject of a maxim about time.
The color design is designed to accentuate a modern office that is unified with monotones.

Creative Director + Art Director: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Producer: Asuka Kobayashi/ Copy Writer: Tsuyoshi Harada/ Designer ( Art Work ): Seitaro Yamazaki, Tomohiro Koga, Seita Kobayashi, Manato Hitomi / Project Management: Yohei Yamaguchi ( TRAIL HEADS )/ Interior Design: Nobuto Ogawa ( brook inc. )/