Good Design Award Gold Prize.
The lightest crutches in the world.

medicalture plus


Medical Charger Plus is developing its own products to add an emotional narrative to medical and welfare products through the power of design and ideas.

Our first product, Dry Carbon Crutches, is the world’s lightest crutch made of dry carbon (CFRP). By autoclave molding, the product is incredibly lightweight at approximately 310 grams, which reduces the burden on the body and allows for a more comfortable living environment. Our goal is to break down the stereotypical concept of crutches, which until now have only been marketed in defined designs, colors and materials, and to create a product that is not a walking aid that users are forced to use, but one that satisfies their desire for ownership and looks beautiful.

In addition, the aluminum part can be readymade and customized to the user’s choice of color by anodizing, and at the same time, the length and total length from armpit to hand can be customized according to the user’s height.

The key visual clearly highlights the world’s lightest crutches (approximately 310 grams) made of dry carbon (CFRP), and the key visual features a scene in which the user lifts the crutch with their index finger, with the hope that the product will bring hope to users who have not been able to find the crutches they want.

Received the Good Design Gold Award (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award) in 2013.

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medicalture plus CRUTCH [DRY CARBON CRUTCH]


Creative Director + Art Director: Seitaro Yamasaki/ Designer: Seitaro Yamasaki/ Designer: Anri Sugihara ( RDS CO., Ltd. )/ Production: RDS CO., Ltd./