Tilt it, not grab it. Custom designed
to support each individuals weight.

medicalture plus


Medical Czar Plus, Inc. is developing its own products to add emotional narratives to medical and welfare products through the power of design and ideas.

Following the 2013 Good Design Award-winning Dry Carbon Crutches, the company’s second product, the Dry Carbon Cane, was developed after a customer who asked for the world’s lightest crutches, the Dry Carbon Crutches, and asked for a simple, stylish cane similar to the crutches.

The cane was designed with emphasis on lightness, strength, and beauty, with dry carbon (CFRP tip material) for the cane, walnut wood for the handle, and non-slip rubber for the tip of the cane.

In particular, in order to solve the problem that cane users often feel pain in the palm of their hands due to the load they have to bear in order to support their body weight, we repeatedly experimented with the material and shape of the cane’s handle while making more than eight different samples.
The result was the completion of the cane which has both the lightness of carbon, the thoughtful shape of the handle, and the design which can be proud of in daily life.

※We do not currently carry it.

medicalture plus PRODUCT DESIGN


Creative Director + Art Director: Seitaro Yamasaki/ Production ( carbon ): Anri Sugihara ( RDS CO., Ltd. )/ Production ( wood ): Taishi Hashimoto ( Loop order furniture )/