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As part of the rebranding of Panasonic Corporation’s “Let’s note” mobile notebook computer, I was involved in the planning and art direction of the brand site production, copy design, and design.

In the process of rebranding, we worked with the ADEX planning and sales team to organize the existing positioning and product characteristics of Let’s note, and redefined the direction of the brand to be taken as “a premium brand that pursues high functionality and high quality specialized in business.

In order to convey the premium brand image and functional impression of the Let’s note, we designed a communication and art direction that conveys the product’s image and function in parallel with the copywork.

In order to appeal the philosophy of the Let’s note, which has a clear design concept behind it as a laptop with a strong commitment to business, rather than simply being swept away by superficial minimalism and trendy design, we repeatedly examined the camera angles and composition to maximize the distinctive form and quality of the exterior.
In addition, the color of the product is controlled by silver throughout the entire lineup, and the background color is black and dark gray to give the impression of a premium brand by its contrast.

In the copywork, the design concept of the Let’s Notebook was expressed as “Value Creating Design,” and the message was straightforwardly conveyed as a value-creating computer with high-end features and quality for the professional businessman who pursues results. We then organized and broke down the high functionality of the product, and designed it so that the English copy that conveys the features instantly and the design concept behind it are clearly communicated.

[Brand site] https://ec-club.panasonic.jp/pc/brand/

Let' note | Panasonic PRODUCT BRANDING


Art Director: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Copy Writer: Tsuyoshi Harada/ Director: Asuka Kobayashi/ Designer: Hiroyuki Aketa/ Agency: ADEX/ Producer: Shinji Shigemune ( ADEX ), Aikoh Iwata ( ADEX )/ Creative Director: Kenji Kinoshita ( ADEX )/ Planner: Hiroyuki Ishii ( ADEX ), Kenji Kinoshita ( ADEX ), Toma Seki ( ADEX )/ Copy Writer: Kenji Kinoshita ( ADEX )/ Photographer: Hiromasa Gamo ( un ), Yosuke Sano ( un ), Keiko Kanno ( un )/ Engineer: Satoshi Onoda/ Movie Producer: Megumu Sato ( TYO )/ Movie Director: Kenta Takasaki ( TYO )/ Movie Production: TYO TECHNICAL RANCH/