Designing the future normal for water servers.

AQUA FAB | Aqua Clara


Aqua Clara, inc. aims to create “life,” “environment” and “health” through water. The company, which has developed a variety of water servers in the past, wanted to develop a water server with a design that would not fade away in five years, so we assisted in the product design and development of the next server, and in May 2018, AQUA FAB was released.

In designing the product, we didn’t just want to renew the surface of the product, we wanted to review and solve the existing problems of the water server product, and renew it to add more value to the water server. And, “Is the existing form of water server really the ideal for a life with water? The aim was to design products that embody the vision of the future, reexamining the life with water that AkClara envisions.

The commonplace rather than the directional. It’s more of a comfort than a surprise.
Our goal is not to make water servers the norm for today, but to make water servers the norm for the future.

It’s a simple water server that can be set up in any Japanese living space, just like the white cube, which exists minimally in any culture. While encompassing various generations and tastes, these products are designed to support a culture of rich living with water in the future.

After about a year and a half of design and development, the AQUA FAB water server was designed and developed to solve each problem one by one.
We aimed to create a natural and beautiful design that can exist in a minimalistic way in the realm of life, using the white cube as a motif that can fit into any space, regardless of space, gender or age.
If you haven’t used a water server before, we hope you’ll take a look at it and put it in your home or office.




Creative Director + Art Director: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Designer: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Director: Asuka Kobayashi/ Naming: Tsuyoshi Harada/ Modeling + Design: Yuki Ishiguro ( THE FUJA )/ Photographer: Akihiro Kawauchi/ Agency: Collage Inc./