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Solare Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. operates several hotel brands with different characteristics across the country, including the Loisir Hotel and the Chisan Hotel. Since June 2015, we have been assisting Solare Hotels & Resorts in the planning and concept development of the new hotel, interior and design of the hotel, planning and development of services including food and beverage menus, and planning, art direction and design of products such as logos, uniforms, amenities, websites and advertisements.

The hotel branding project with Solare Hotels and Resorts began with the consolidation of the existing hotel brand, and as we created a new hotel brand in light of plans to open new hotels, we asked ourselves, “What is travel? What is the concept of a hotel? Our goal is to provide a new lodging experience that is not confined to the framework of existing hotels. We are developing multiple hotel brands by reviewing the relationship between the location and the hotel, and the relationship between guests and the hotel, and discussing everything from the way rooms and common areas should be, to the lines of movement within the hotel, to each and every amenity and clothing.

Among them, Solare’s first original brand, “hotel and rooms,” which was conceptually developed by Solare, asks the question, “What is necessary for people to spend an enriched time at a hotel in the middle of a city? This new hotel brand was created by repeatedly asking the question, “What is a hotel for?

For the brand’s first store, Hotel and Rooms Osaka Hommachi, which opened in April 2017, we designed the concept and hotel name, VI design for the hotel and restaurant, services and amenities, and the website and smartphone site.

It is located close to Utsubo Park, which is full of greenery, and is accessible from 4 stations, including Honmachi Station. If you are visiting Osaka for business or other reasons, please feel free to stay at the Hotel and Rooms Osaka Honmachi.

[Hotel and Rooms Osaka Honmachi] http://www.hotel-androoms.com/

and rooms hotel | Solare Hotels and Resorts


Creative Director + Art Director: Seitaro Yamazaki/ Producer: Asuka Kobayashi/ Copy Writer: Tsuyoshi Harada/ Designer: Seita Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Aketa/ PM + Interior Design: UDS Ltd./